What happened last night… 3.23.17


🏆1st place: Bangarang – 5800 Won $80 
🏅2nd place: Hamsbollah – 5700 Won BK Brewery tokens 
🏅2nd place: Electra & the Daddy Issues – 5700  
👉3rd place: Endangered Feces – 5400

Sweatpants Boner – 5300
Space Coyote – 4900
The Flying Deloreans – 4800
Jan Is the Best Brady – 4100

1st: Bangarang – 88    
2nd: Endangered Feces – 50   
3rd: Space Coyote – 46  

Q What is the name of North Korea’s state owned airline?  

North Korea’s one-star airline

Air Koryo is an airline run by the North Korean government, and it’s consistently rated as the worst airline in the world. In fact, it’s the only airline with a one-star rating on airline-review site Skytrax. See for yourself what it’s like to fly on Air Koryo – the worst airline in the world.

  Air Koryo 
Team   Hamsbollah  
 They got it   Wrong   

 Pot =  $250  

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