Quiz Hint for Sept 14th πŸ€“ Season 13 Premiere!

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πŸš€But trivia season has just begunπŸš€


⌲ Trivia is every Thursday at 7:30pm

⌲ $10 per team, winning team takes the pot

⌲ 6 players per team or less

⌲ If your group is larger than 6, well done BUT you gotta pick people to sit out or create a 2nd team. Once people are chosen to sit out, no swapping in & out for different rounds! Once chosen, your team is your team #sothere

⌲ For each round, we’ll ask each question 2x then repeat all questions at the end of the round one more time #newrule

πŸ’₯Your first category hint of the seasonπŸ’₯


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Study up…

See you tonight!

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Quiz Hint for Sept 21st & Last Week's Stats

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  • Directions

    Take the N or W to 30th Ave β€’ORβ€’ Take the R or M to Steinway St β€’ We’re at the corner of 28th Ave + 38th St

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