Quiz Hint for June 1st & What Happened Last Week

🙃What Happened Last Week🙃

🏆1st: Bangarang – 5500 ➢$100
🏅2nd: Endangered Feces – 5200 ➢🍺
👉3rd: Tit’s Ahoy! – 5100

Sweatpants Boner – 5000
Space Coyote – 5000
The Flying Deloreans – 4900
Electra & the Daddy Issues – 4700
Sons of Spyros – 4600
Van Buren Boys – 4500
The Male Rompers – 4400

🏆1st: Bangarang – 113
🏅2nd: Endangered Feces – 67
👉3rd: Space Coyotes – 63
🚨4th: Electra & the Daddy Issues – 58

Q Operation Entebbe was a successful counter-terrorist, hostage-rescue mission carried out in Uganda by what country’s military?
A Israel
★Team Tits Ahoy!
★They got it Wrong
★Jackpot = $450

🤓Trivia 6/1/17 Hint🤓

$10 a team, winner takes the pot.
2nd place = certificate for Brooklyn Brewery beer tokens (when avail.)
Plus, the rollover bonus question gives you another way to win…
Jackpot = $450
New teams ALWAYS welcome
Check back NEXT THURS @ 3pm for a round-up of tonight’s events including scores, standings & more and a category hint for next week’s trivia night!

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