Great Drinks • Great Prices • Great Bartenders – Located right in the heart of Astoria.

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A great shout-out on St. Paddy’s Day!

Michael S.


Amazing pub for the local or want to be local. Had a 5 hour layover at LGA and this was a perfect destination.

Torri our bar tender was amazingly hospitable, friendly and had a sunshine personality.

The perfect balance of chatty but giving space.

At 10am we found the perfect balance to keep us Happy.

great selection of beers and whiskys to keep you happy!

a must return for these two Canukcs!!

Photo of Irish Rover - Astoria, NY, United States

Great Irish pub the bartenders are the best in  astoria always a great place to grab a drink and have good conversation


Willian B.

Really nice place. Good prices and the owner is so funny and gentle. Good place to reunite friends, watch football and drink.


Place is THeeeE best.. It’s either the pre game spot, the chill all night spot or the after party spot..good crowd and they even sometimes have live music here and yes they are straight from Ireland I mean would you have it any other way Irish rover ? 7 decent sized tvs to watch sports of sorts and just about anything you want to drink behind the bar or on tap.. Come in groups or or come for an intimate drink either way I’m sure it will be fun..chill bartenders and cheap pitchers … Count me in.

Irish Rover - Astoria, NY, United StatesIrish Rover - As a nurse, this makes me happppppy ;) - Astoria, NY, United States

Andy X.

Andy X.

Legit bar without question.  Staff is friendly and they let you bring in your own food.  They have enough TV’s to satisfy all your fan needs.

Great Value.

Will repeat.


Great bar, great service. Always a good time. Their buybacks are awesome. Best neighborhood bar.

Mike is the greatest bartender in the history of bartending. Upon first glance you’re probably wondering why so many people love this place. Maybe it’s the darts. Maybe it’s the buy backs/free shots. Maybe it’s the jukebox. Or maybe I’m still recovering from my hangover after a weekend of Irish. It’s just great local bar.


I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this place yet. My friends and I come here every Thursday for the most awesome trivia in Astoria! Even though we always lose, the bar itself is just a good time and Mike gets the unofficial best bartender in the world award from me. He seems to know everyone and is really good at remembering what you’re drinking. Usually he also does a buyback on your 3rd beer which is always nice! Yesterday a fight started to break out and Mike jumped over the bar and managed to diffuse the situation in a matter of seconds, keeping us all safe. (Thanks!) Overall this is just a super relaxed Irish pub with good pours at good prices, something related to sports on every TV and awesome Thursday night trivia.

merisa t.
merisa t.

Something magical is happening here.  It’s your every day bar, but for some reason it’s so much better.

It’s affordable, the bartenders are terrific, and the crowd is lively, without being too crowdy (you know what I mean).  It’s just fun.  Plain and simple.

Danny Y.
Danny Y.

I definitely liked this spot. Its a nice place to chill and talk. They have free darts, good tv’s and bartender is just super nice. Great service, good spot to watch a game, or just lounge around with some drinks and some darts.

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